Learn how to craft stories that will build bridges and create true connections with your ideal clients…learn to weave magic with your words and grow your business with the power of story.

A six week LIVE programme with Actually Founder, Sara Price.

Investment: £300 +VAT

Starts: Friday 17th May 2024 



£300 + VAT

Human beings are hardwired for connection and stories are one of the most powerful – and most accessible – ways to connect.  I was fascinated by stories as a child. Captivated by the new worlds contained within the pages of a book. Words were  magical to me – they cast spells that created those new worlds and all the wonderful characters I met there.

As I grew older, learned to craft those spells myself – I never lost my fascination with stories or my understanding of the immense power of words to create worlds and to change them; to hurt and to heal. I knew then – as I know now – that a good story, well told, brings us closer to one another and is never forgotten.

But do you know how to craft the stories that your ideal clients need and want to hear? The ones that they will inspire them to act? That they will remember forever?

Have you found your stories? The tales that will weave spells, build bridges and create connection with your people?

Can you use stories to explain to the world who you are, what you offer and what you stand for?

And can you get past the blocks, beliefs and behaviours that hold you back from stepping up and sharing your voice? 

‘Actually in Wonderland’ will help you to do all of this and more. This is a very special six-week, live programme taught and facilitated by Actually Founder, Sara Price. During the course, she will help you to find your stories; seek out your inspiration and help you to share your voice. 

Join me for six weeks of transformational training starting on Friday 17th May 2024 for only £300 + VAT. 

Join me and learn how to craft stories that will build bridges and create connections between you and the people you most want to reach: your ideal clients. Learn to weave magic and grow your business with your words. 

“Sara’s guidance on ways to think about telling our stories what to include, how to structure, was fabulous. I’ve been using ideas from Actually in Wonderland over the last few months and it’s made my posting on Social Media much easier and I’m getting better engagement.”




Actually in Wonderland is a live and interactive training programme running over six weekly training sessions during which you will learn techniques, tips and insights to help you to craft stories that will make you content sparkle and your marketing magical. Included in the programme:

  • Your Voice: how to find your authentic voice so that you can create stories that reflect you and give your ideal clients a sense of who you are
  • Your Stories: our trademark story-mapping technique for locating your stories and creating a library of stories ready to use when needed
  • Story-craft: how to craft a story so that it captures attention from the very first sentence and builds emotional connection with your audience
  • Story structure: how to structure a story to ensure that it is purpose-ful and memorable
  • Story-types: the different types of story and when / how to use them 
  • Stories in business: how to use your stories in your business marketing and delivery

And, for the first time ever, we are incorporating Actually Energetics into one of our live training programmes – helping you to remove the blocks and behaviours that are holding you back from sharing your stories with the world. 

This is a transformational training programme – designed to transform YOU into an effective storyteller, a weaver of words. 

Actually in Wonderland was amazing! I learned how to connect with story not just generally but also on an inner personal level. I loved how it challenged me to think differently than I usually would but also apply story on a more “business”-like level.”




This programme is based on decades of experience in communications, marketing, campaigning and PR. The concepts, ideas and principles that underpin this specific training have been tested in the real world and the content is consistently updated. Most recently, we taught a version of this programme in a free five day challenge and the participation and feedback were OFF THE CHARTS! 

If you’ve never experienced a live Actually training programme, you are in for a treat. We don’t do training courses the way you’ve maybe experienced them before. We don’t  simply ‘rinse and repeat’. Each programme is unique: creatively engineered to ensure that you are enjoying yourself so much that you almost don’t realise you’re ‘learning’.

We go all-in to make our programmes a truly valuable experience for everyone taking part. And because we know that it is often mindset, behaviour and beliefs that will hold you back from implementing what you learn – we also include a power block clearing session using Actually Energetics, a trademarked energy clearing process that will allow you to step up as a storyteller. 

I can’t wait for you to experience everything we have lined up for you. 

“I always absolutely love them!! You’re so generous with what you pack into them and I always come away with a lasting impact.”



£300 +VAT buys you…



Every week on a Friday morning, we’ll come together in Zoom for that week’s lesson. Each session will be crammed with 90 minutes worth of training and interactive exercises. After each session you will be set an assignment – which you can then share for feedback. 



The Wonderland programme includes an additional Actually Energetics session during which we work with your energetic system to remove the blocks that may be holding you back from accessing and sharing your stories. 


your guide to wonderland

We’ve put together a ‘Wonderland’ workbook to guide you through the programme. Filled with additional resources, tips, hints, suggestions and insights as well as templates and space for all your notes – the workbook is the perfect companion to your time in Wonderland. 



All participants in Wonderland will be invited to join our private training group – an online haven for those who are taking part in our programmes and our alumni. Share your questions, get input into your assignments and share your stories in this safe space. 



Actually in Wonderland will take place on Zoom. Each session will also be recorded and made available for up to six months after the programme concludes via our dedicated learning platform. 



We’ve created an Actually in Wonderland storybook designed to inspire you with examples of the kinds of stories we use in our work and marketing.



We believe in running our business in accordance with our principles – and one of our principles is ‘radical generosity’. That’s why we like to offer juicy bonuses with all of our programmes and Wonderland is no exception.

FIRST FIVE: The first five people to book their place on Wonderland – who then go on to take part and complete the course – will be given a bonus 60 minute 121 session with either Sara or her partner in crime, ace copywriter Morag Young 

“I loved it. It revived my love of story and why it’s so important in reviewing why you do what you do. “












This is the beginning of my story. Join me for Actually in Wonderland and let me help you to work out yours. 

It’s late. I’m lying in bed, snuggled down under the warm, soft duvet listening to the sounds drifting up the stairs from the kitchen where my Mum is clearing up after dinner. The rain is hammering against the window as the storm gathers pace. My sister’s nightlight glows a pale yellow. The cause of much derision from me during the day – ‘Pah…you’re such a baby…afraid of the dark…’ – I secretly love the fact that even in the dead of night, I can still make out the gold and white daisies on our shared bedroom wall.

I’m awake. Not because of the much-scorned nightlight but because I am waiting: straining to hear – above the wind and rain – the sound of tires on the gravel driveway that will signal my Dad’s return home. If I am still awake when he comes up to say goodnight, I have a chance of persuading him to read me a story – and a bedtime story with Dad is worth pinching myself to stay awake for! He always picks the best books: The Hobbit; 1001 Arabian Nights; Tales of Narnia or Alice in Wonderland. He does different voices for all of the characters and never seems to forget which one is a growling baritone and which a high-pitched squeak. 


I can hear his car. The front door opens and closes. Affectionate murmuring and a gentle laugh in the kitchen. And then the creak of the bottom stair as Dad begins his climb up to our room.  He cracks open the door spilling light from the hallway across my bed and making the daisies seem to dance on the wall. ‘Are you still awake Sara?’ he whispers. And I know that part of him hopes I’m asleep. He’s tired after a long day. He just wants to collapse on the sofa with Mum and watch the news. But I’m five years old and the selfishness hasn’t been socialised out of me yet! ‘Yes! I’m awake! Please can you read me a story?’  He sits on the bed and I curl up next to him. I catch a waft of cigars, a hint of good red wine and the scratchy smell of damp wool from his suit. He forgot his umbrella again. Poor Dad.

And then my favourite night-time ritual begins:  “Alice was beginning to get very tired of sitting by her sister on the bank, and of having nothing to do: once or twice she had peeped into the book her sister was reading, but it had no pictures or conversations in it, ‘and what is the use of a book,’ thought Alice ‘without pictures or conversation?'”

A little girl waiting up for her bedtime story; a child obsessed with the power of words; a precocious bookworm with a headful of daydreams and faraway lands: is it ACTUALLY any wonder that she should grow up to forge a career in the world of communications, marketing and PR? 

My advice to anyone considering doing Actually in Wonderland is: Take that leap of faith with intention because who knows what stories there are for you to discover in Wonderland?




I hope that you will join me for Actually in Wonderland – so that we can work together on your stories: stories that will promote and grow your business; stories that will attract your perfect clients; stories that will change the world. 

See you in Wonderland starting on 17th May.



How do I know if Actually® in Wonderland is right for me?

Are you a purpose-led business owner, entrepreneur or coach? Or do you aspire to be one?

Are you interested in marketing and promoting your business using the most powerful tools possible?

Then Actually in Wonderland is for you. Simple.

When does the programme start?

Actually in Wonderland begins on Friday 17th May. Lessons are at 1pm (UK time) and will last approximately 90 minutes. 

When does the programme end?

The programme lasts for six weeks and the final lesson is on Friday 21 June. However, there are bonus sessions beyond the end of the programme and we may introduce further sessions to assist participants with specific challenges. 


Is there a payment plan available?

Yes. We recognise that it isn’t always possible for people to pay the full amount up-front – and an instalment plan is available.

As well as the training sessions, will we have the chance to ask questions?

Of course! We want to make sure you get everything you need from this programme. You will have access to the Actually Training Facebook Group where you can ask questions at any time. If we notice certain themes coming up in the questions, we will also run additional ad hoc Q&A sessions. 

Where will I find the workbook and recordings etc?

Once you have paid for your place on the programme, you will receive an email including details of our fabulous new learning platform where you will find everything you need to get started with Wonderland. This is where you will find the workbook and – later – the recordings of each session.

What if I can't take part in Actually® in Wonderland after I've booked my place?

Please review the full terms and conditions for our cancellation policy and then email us straight away at talk@actually.world.

What are the terms & conditions?

Please click here for the full terms and conditions applicable to the Wonderland course.