Bespoke. Tailored. Strategic.

One to one training and strategic support for individuals and organisations looking to actually change the world.

You don’t have to do it alone

Like most things in life, when it comes to communications two heads are always better than one; especially when one of those heads has decades of communications strategy experience.

Every year we take on a handful of clients and deliver bespoke training and strategic support. Our focus is on developing their in-house communications capability so that they have all the communications skills they need to actually change the world.

That help might include:

Hiring in a new communications lead or building a campaigns team

Analysing your current communications capability and recommending a way forward


Advising on, devising and delivering a bespoke training programme to improve communications

Running a training workshop – or a tailored series – for your team
Helping you to identify, recruit and brief a communications agency to support you

Or whatever you need to ensure that you can use the power of communications to actually change the world

Sara has quickly grasped the vision I have and the direction for the business. She has created a clear plan of action to work on, creating order and structure for the months ahead. I can’t thank her enough for her enthusiasm, insight, straight talking and ability to see straight to the point. I feel motivated and excited.’ Fantastic!” 

Sally Pepper, The Silent sales girl / pitch retail


We believe in the power of collaboration so we are also building a community of changemakers who we hope will be inspired by our work and also by one another.

Proud to be a supporting member of Social Enterprise UK

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