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Our 6 MONTH flagship training programme covering everything you need to spread the word, attract the RIGHT clients and grow your business.


You are a purpose-led entrepreneur, coach or consultant who wants to ACTUALLY make a difference…

You keep trying to speak up and spread the word but nobody seems to be listening…

You feel overwhelmed, uncomfortable and out of sorts when it comes to promoting and marketing your business…

You’re starting to think that you might just be ‘bad’ at this whole promotions and marketing malarkey!

I hear you.

Here’s the thing. In 26 years of working in communications and PR I have never met a bad communicator.

Instead, what I come across are people with great passion and a sense of purpose who lack the three elements of a GREAT communications approach.

Firstly, they often lack a clear strategy. So they’re going off on tangents with a ‘spray and pray’ approach to communications. They are incessantly posting on LinkedIn, firing off emails, dancing on TikTok and going live on Facebook with no clear idea of why they are doing any of it or whether it will actually work.

Secondly, they are trying to communicate in ways that don’t work for them. They’ve gone to a training workshop (or 100!) and adopted a ‘one-size fits all’ approach as recommended by the ‘experts’. The problem being that it doesn’t actually work for them because it isn’t based on an understanding of their strengths and communications superpowers.

Thirdly, they have no overarching plan so they are constantly running to stand still and overwhelmed by the sheer amount of ‘stuff’ they need to create. 


Let’s start again. 

Great Communications Mastery is going to fill those gaps for you. Over the course of six months – you’ll develop a clear strategy; you’ll identify YOUR natural strengths as a communicator and develop the approach and the skills that wil work for YOU; and you’ll walk away with an actionable plan that feels comfortable and do-able.

Sound good? Then this programme was designed for you!

“For anyone thinking about doing this, don’t hesitate, go for it …you will not be disappointed…a truly awesome programme that will deliver many many insights!”

Morag Young


The ACTUALLY Great Communications Mastery programme has been carefully designed to blend strategy and tactics. By the end of the course, you will have:


All the foundational building blocks in place for GREAT communications (and GREAT business): purpose, priorities, people, products, pricing and positioning


A clear strategy in place to guide your decision making so that you can focus on growing your business and stop wasting time on communications that will not work


A deep understanding of your communications superpowers – your core, natural strengths that will enable you to communicate with ease and comfort in a way that resonates with your ideal clients


A communications approach that feels authentic and allows you to reach the people you need to reach 


The skills to make the most of your natural strengths and deliver that approach – from PR to podcast guesting, social content to public speaking, networking to advertising.


A detailed plan for your business and your communications – so you know where you’re going, what you’re doing and how…every step of the way. 

And much, much more. In short, you’ll have mastery of everything you need to create GREAT communications that will grow your business and your impact!

“Thank you so much for your time, energy, expertise and enthusiasm…I have sat through several sessions on PR over the years, and that was far and away the most useful, helpful and informative session I’ve been to. I was really inspired by both the clarity of content and your generosity of spirit.

Sue Revell


This programme is based on decades of experience in communications, campaigning and PR. It was developed and tested over 2 years and is constantly updated to ensure that this is the BEST communications & publicity training for purpose-led entrepreneurs and changemakers on the market today. 

This course is delivered over 6 months allowing you plenty of time to implement what you’re learning and check back in with your trainer to get feedback on your questions and assignments between lessons.

The entire course is delivered LIVE. And the content is created, adapted and refined for each group to make sure that you are getting exactly what YOU need. 

No other programme on the market right now offers the same level of LIVE personal input, expert insight and detailed, tailored advice to help you to get ready to speak up and spread the word!

By the end of the programme, you’ll have all the information, skills and tools you need to craft GREAT COMMUNICATIONS to drive awareness, inspire followers, create raving fans and grow your business so that you can ACTUALLY make a difference.

Honestly, this course is just incredible. It has helped me to re-evaluate my business ideas before I have wasted time on them, and re-shape them into something that will actually work. Thank you!




The core building blocks you need to have in place to deliver GREAT communications and great business. 


Identify your communications superpowers with a deep dive into the five Great Communications Tribes:  Star, Networker, Collaborator, Writer, Creative. 


Develop a clear communications strategy to guide your work and your decision-making – no more ‘spray and pray’ just targeted, effective communications. 


Learning how to find your voice as a speaker or presenter with top tips on how to alleviate nerves and make sure your audience HEARS you! 


Learn how to identify the right podcasts for YOU to reach your people, how to secure guest slots and how to SHINE as a guest. 


Learn how to make the most of every networking event and opportunity in this highly interactive module. 


In this module we’ll teach you about 121 calls – and how to use discovery calls / clarity calls to build relationships and create connection that ultimately leads to sales. 


Partnerships aren’t as simple as ‘show up and work together’ – in this module we’ll cover the essentials of great partnership and how to make your collaborations work. 


Learn what makes a good story for media and how to craft the kinds of stories that journalists will love AND that will build your credibility and your business. 


There’s no point in having great stories if you don’t know how to pitch them to the media – and this is the bit most people are scared of! We’ll take you through the perfect pitch process with insider tips from PR experts and journalists. 


Understanding the algorithm and crafting sparkling content to inspire and engage.


Focussed on Facebook but with a look at other platforms, learn how to put together great copy and targeted ads that will reach your ideal clients. 


There is a sixth ‘Great Communications Tribe’ – the ‘Teacher’. In this module we will introduce you to the teacher and you’ll learn how to structure great training. 


Know where you’re going and exactly how you’re going to get there. Put together a clear plan for your business and your communications so that you make this next year – your best year ever!

*Great Communications Foundations is a separate 6 module programme covering the building blocks of great communications and great business. We include access to the recorded Foundations training and all worksheets and assignments to all those taking part in Mastery.

*Understanding your Superpowers is a deep dive into the Actually Great Communications Tribes. It is delivered as a separate recorded module and a personalised report.

“If I look a bit blank it’s actually a compliment. If I find the training too easy or boring I talk a lot, but when I go quiet and frown it’s because I’m processing lots of fabulous new information and ideas – which is what I really want. I am really loving this course. I thought it would be useful but it is already considerably exceeding my expectations!!!”

Aime Armstrong, Ninja HR


My name is Sara Price. I am a business leader, an entrepreneur, a coach, a mentor and a trainer.

I have spent over 25 years in communications, campaigning and PR – helping some of the biggest brands in the world from Kellogg’s to Avon. I’ve advised charities and campaigning groups as diverse as SheDecides and UNICEF. And once upon a time my team and I also raised $1 million for a start-up space mission in just 25 days with a budget of $0!

And after two and half decades in communications, here’s what I know for sure: the power of words can be yours. There’s no mystery or magic to it. Great communications, great PR, great content creation – these things are just skills and they can be learnt.

I would like to teach you.

Why? Because I believe in the power of purpose. I believe in hope and optimism. I believe that words are the most powerful weapons we have in our armoury and we can use them to make a difference.

I believe that each of you, stepping up, speaking up and growing your businesses and your impact: that’s what will create the change we need to see in the world.

And helping to make that to happen is my purpose in the world.

So let me help you to communicate your vision to the world. Let me help you to use the power of words to grow your business. Let me help you to have a bigger impact. And let’s fulfil our purposes together.

Let’s ACTUALLY make a difference & change the world!

The value you put into this programme is staggering. I learn so much from every module and the time you must spend in each one is such a gift.”

Lisa Wynn, legacy creation coach



Access to Great Communications Foundations – recorded training taking you through the building blocks of great communications.

Access to ‘Understanding Your Superpowers’ a recorded training that will help you to identify your natural communications strengths. 

LIVE fortnightly training delivered by our Founder, Sara, via Zoom.

LIVE fortnightly Q&A with Sara.

Four facilitated ‘implementation’ sessions during the course to help you stay on track

A two day planning workshop to get your business and your communications sorted for the year ahead!

Daily access to detailed 121 feedback and input via the Actually Training Facebook group.

A half day follow up session – 3-6 weeks after the course ends to answer any outstanding questions; review work and feedback on remaining assignments.

Lifetime access to all recorded webinars, worksheets and other resources via the Actually membership site.


£2,950 +VAT*

*Early bird discounts and instalment plans available once booking opens.



We start the next cohort of Great Communications Mastery on 1st June 2022

This 6 month  LIVE programme is delivered online by Actually Founder, Sara Price – although (Covid permitting) there will be some live meet ups during the course too!

No more than 30 people (plus alumni) are accepted into each live cohort so that you get plenty of 121 time and attention. 

Content adapted and updated to meet your specific needs.

You’ll also have plenty of opportunities to ask questions, share work and receive direct feedback.












The standard price for the Great Communications Mastery Programme is £2,950+VAT

We are developing a programme of bonuses for the next cohort that will blow your mind!

Check back here for more information as we get closer to the kick-off date!


£2,950 +VAT*

*Early bird discounts and instalment plans available once booking opens.

“Oh wow!! Thank you soooo much Sara….already your feedback means a lot to me !! I feel seen, understood and supported. It really inspires and motivates me. This is so precious.”

Natalie baron, unique pathways


Q: How long is the programme?

A: This is a six month programme. It commences in June 2022 and concludes in December 2022 (there is a break in August). 

Q: What if I can’t make one of the live training sessions?

A: All the training sessions are recorded and you’ll find them in the Actually membership site. So you can watch at your leisure!

Q: What time will the live training sessions be? 

A: The live training will be fortnightly. At the moment, our intention is for the live training sessions to be on a Wednesday morning.  We are just finalising the diary for 2022 but as soon as that’s been sorted out, we will be updating this answer so do check back in.

Q: What time will the live Q&A sessions be?  

A: The live Q&A will be fornightly. At the moment, our intention is for these Q&A sessions to be on a Wednesday lunchtime but we are just finalising the diary right now and will be updating this FAQ as soon as the dates are all sorted for 2022.

Q: When will the implementation, planning and catch up sessions be held?  

A: During the six months of the programme, you will have four implementation sessions; a 2 day planning workshop and and a half day implementation session. dates for these are tbc but if you need more detailed information please email 

Q: What if I want to cancel my place on the programme? 

A: We understand that sometimes ‘stuff happens’ and you may need to cancel your participation in the programme. So here are our cancellation and refund terms.

If you cancel more than 15 days before the course starts, we will refund any fees paid up to that point minus a £35 admin fee.

After that point, no refunds will be offered except under the terms of our ‘Guarantee’ scheme (see below).

Q: What’s your guarantee scheme?

A:  We want you to be happy with your purchase and the training you are receiving. So, if you cancel your participation in the programme within the first month, we will be happy to provide you with a full refund of any fees paid (minus a £35 admin fee) provided that you are able to demonstrate full participation in the programme. This means that as a minimum,  you will have attended all live sessions (or watched on replay) and submitted all relevant assignments. 

Any other questions, please just email and we’ll get right back to you.

OMG…Totally mind blowing!”



If you register interest in thhe Great Communications Mastery programme before it officially opens – you will be contacted ahead of the launch and given priority booking status. However, please note that registering interest does not GUARANTEE you a place on the programme nor does it commit you to booking a place. 

Once you’ve booked your place on the programme, you can either pay in full (and receive a bonus) or pay 50% up-front and the remainder in instalments as per the details on the checkout page. 

We understand that sometimes ‘stuff happens’ and you may need to cancel your participation in the programme. So here are our cancellation and refund terms.

If you cancel more than 15 days before the course starts, we will refund any fees paid up to that point minus a £35 admin fee. 

 After that point, no refunds will be offered except under the terms of our ‘Guarantee’ scheme (see below).

 We want you to be happy with your purchase and the training you are receiving. So, if you cancel your participation in the programme within the first month, we will be happy to provide you with a full refund of any fees paid (minus a £35 admin fee) provided that you are able to demonstrate full participation in the programme. This means that as a minimum,  you will have attended all live sessions (or watched on replay) and submitted all relevant assignments. 


You're NOT bad at promoting yourself or marketing your business. You absolutely can spread the word about your work and attract the right clients towards you. You just need to do it in a way that feels authentic, comfortable and natural for YOU.

Take the Actually Great Communications Tribes quiz, uncover your communications superpowers and stop trying to force your fabulous round peg self into a nasty square hole that was never designed for you!

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