annual planning workshop: the replay!

By popular demand – a repeat of our 2 day annual planning workshop will take place on 27-28 January 2021.

Get your business and your communications planned out for 2021!


You want to grow your entrepreneurial business and make a difference in the world.

You know that you need structure, accountability and guidance.

You want support and you need a plan.

BUT you missed out on a place in our two day workshop in November.

Well, luckily for you, we’ve decided to run it again.

Two days in January to get your business and your communications for 2021 SORTED!

Imagine how it will feel to know that you are no longer just reacting to events, being buffeted by the winds of change and uncertainty or hopping from one idea to the next without a clear sense of direction…

Imagine…no more staring at a computer screen wondering what on earth you should be doing in your communications work.

Instead, a clear focus; a sense of direction and the knowledge that the year ahead is designed to help you achieve your goals, grow your business and grow your impact.



“A dream without a plan is just a wish”

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry


I am an entrepreneur with a 25 year track record in communications and business.

My zone of magic is words. And in two and a half decades I have used that power to help some of the most famous brands, charities and individuals in the world from Kelloggs to Variety to Avon.

When I started my career, I wasn’t a big fan of planning. I was more of a ‘fly by the seat of your pants’ kind of woman. I thought strategy was boring and plans were stifling. I wanted to CREATE not plan. And I didn’t think I needed any help. I was the original Superwoman. Doing it all by myself. I scoffed at support. I was flying solo and perfectly OK, thanks.

Until I wasn’t. Until I realised that not having a plan was part of the reason I had to work so hard…because I was constantly reinventing the wheel; constantly doing the last minute dash to get things done; constantly revising and re-editing because I hadn’t thought things through.

And I crashed and burnt out…more than once because I wanted to do it ALL.

I learnt the hard way to say yes to support.

I learnt the hard way that planning works.

If you’ll allow me I’d like to save you from the pain of learning these lessons the hard way too.

Let me support you and help you plan.

“I now know that planning my whole year ahead is ACTUALLY do-able!!! And it really helped having a clear framework to work within. Thank you.”

Helen Connolly, Coach


27-28 JAN 2021

This workshop – like all of the workshops in the Actually Planning Cycle – is facilitated by Actually Founder, Sara Price. It is designed to ensure that you spend the necessary time working ON your business AND your communications so you know exactly what you’re doing and when.

You’ll be working in a small group setting – no more than ten participants in each workshop – which means you get plenty of time to ask your questions and get expert input into your plans.

The workshop will be delivered virtually.

The annual planning workshop is just one of the Actually Planning Cycle series of workshops. Find out more about the other workshops in the series here.


“The space you hold for us all is quite something. I felt totally held, calm, focussed and energised by the simplicity of putting it all together. Thank you so much.”

Maria Baeck, Sourcing the Way