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Our exclusive membership programme for purpose-led entrepreneurs, coaches and consultants who are committed to growing their businesses and their impact.


You’ve done the training, learnt about communication, PR, marketing, social content and so on. You’re just not  consistently implementing what you’ve learnt.

You’re committed to growing your business and your impact, to fulfilling your purpose. But you’re still playing small.

You’re an action taker with a strong sense of personal responsibility.

You relish the challenge of building your business and are dedicated to making things happen – without burn out and with a healthy dose of self-care.

You want to be more visible, reach more people, make even more of a difference. But you’re holding yourself back in some way.

There are any number of things that can get in your way and become obstacles to your growth as an entrepreneur but there is one solution that helps with every single one: support.

The Actually JFDI Membership exists to support you and make sure that you are taking the action you need to take – to grow your business and your impact.

“No man – or woman – is an island. And as long as you are part of my tribe, you will never be alone. ”

Sara Price, Founder, Actually


I am an entrepreneur with a 25 year track record in communications and business.

My zone of magic is words. And in two and a half decades I have used that power to help some of the most famous brands, charities and individuals in the world from Kelloggs to Variety to Avon.

In 2010, I co-founded one of London’s most successful PR agencies with my best friend and business partner Mark. Every morning I bounced out of bed and looked forward to getting to work.

When I started Actually in 2019, I found it much harder. And it took me a while to work out why. It was because I was alone. I didn’t have my best friend in the office every day. I didn’t have a team. I didn’t have an Actually ‘tribe’. And it was tough.

There was no-one to bounce ideas off; no-one to hold me accountable for getting it done; no-one to encourage me to keep developing my skills; no-one to care if I played small or held myself back. It was just me.

Luckily, I was quickly able to build a team around me and the days that I spend working with my Associate Julie, for example, are some of my most productive days. She challenges me, encourages me, holds me accountable and cajoles me to take bigger leaps. And my ideas are always vastly improved by a discussion with her.

I set up the Actually JFDI membership to give you the same experience and so much more!


As part of the Actually JFDI membership programme you will have access to monthly training – delivered by Actually Founder, Sara Price and invited experts – to ensure that you are topping up your skills.

You will take part in a small group (no more than 10) 4 hour creative workshop / mastermind every other month – where we will discuss your communications, content and product ideas, develop them further and plan your approach.

You will part of a weekly accountability and advice call with a maximum of 5/6 other tribe members – so we can check in, make sure you’re on track and help with any issues you’re experiencing.

You’ll have access to a private Facebook group to stay in touch and ask any questions you may have in between calls.

And you’ll have the opportunity to join an Actually co-working session every month (either online or in person).

In other words, you’ll get to experience accountability, ongoing training, advice and support Actually style for as long as you are a member.

We are accepting applications now.


There are so many advantages to being part of the Actually JFDI membership that it’s hard to fit them all in here. A few more to be aware of:

  • A free 121 ‘clarity call’ with a member of the Actually team, once a quarter.
  • Access to Actually’s quarterly Notable dates calendar – one of the most comprehensive calendars of national and international days, events and anniversaries available
  • Access to Actually templates – for planning, content creation, strategy development etc
  • A 15% discount on all future Actually training, workshops and Masterclasses
  • A 15% discount on power hours and 121 VIP planning / strategy sessions with Actually Founder, Sara Price
  • Eligibility for the Annual JFDI Awards – launching in Autumn 2021

And there is so much more coming in the next few months including coaching, an annual planning retreat and other great add-on services only available to JFDI members!

Places are limited and allocated following an application process to make sure that we are the right fit for you and you are ready for the Tribe.  



A 60 minute training, once a month, with Actually Founder Sara Price or an appropriate expert. When the doors open in September, trainings already recorded will be: leadership; sales and handling the inner critic. Future trainings will include: how to use LinkedIn for business growth; expert insights with leading journalists; storytelling; speaking training; structuring webinars; financing your business – and so much more.


Every other month you’ll get to take part in a small group, half day creative workshop. A cross between a mastermind, creative consultancy and a little creativity ‘fuel’ – these workshops help you to solve the biggest challenges you’re facing in your communications, content and marketing so that you can keep on growing your business.


One of the things that makes the biggest difference between those who achieve their goals and those who don’t is accountability. Our weekly, structured accountability calls will ensure that you are on track to keep delivering for yourself, your clients and your business. We’ll make sure you’re prioritising your own needs as well as getting things done. Plus you get a quarterly 121 clarity call to help address any specific issues you need help with.


Welcome to your new tribe: a community of support hosted and held by Actually Founder, Sara Price.

Get advice, insights and a virtual cuppa whenever you most need it via our private Facebook Group.


It’s tough working alone. It can be hard to stay motivated.

So, once a month you can join an Actually co-working day for structure, input and company whilst you work. These sessions are very focussed – with the opportunity to get 121 feedback from one of the Actually team. We promise, you will be more productive during one session with us than you would be by yourself.


It takes DAYS to put together our Notable Dates calendar each quarter – and it just keeps getting better. We collate the international and national awareness days, political events, anniversaries and awards – so you can find hooks and prompts for your content. Plus you get access to all of our planning and other templates!


You will always get a 15% discount on all future Actually training, workshops and Masterclasses.

And for JFDI members ONLY – a 15% discount on power hours and 121 VIP sessions with Actually Founder, Sara Price.

“The space you hold for us all is quite something. I felt totally held, calm, focussed and energised by the simplicity of putting it all together. Thank you so much.””

Maria Baeck, Sourcing the Way



Based on the time we are committing to this community, we estimate the value of all aspects of the JFDI membership – as it currently stands – to be in excess of £21,000 per year.

But as a member of the Tribe, you get everything for just £300 a month or £3,600 per year (plus VAT @20%).

Your initial commitment is for six months – if you’re someone who really takes action and commits to growing your business and your impact, then we believe six months is the minimum time frame to start really seeing some progress and results.

If after that period, you don’t love the JFDI membership programme, you can leave at any point.

See the ‘small print’ below.



Once you apply to join the membership, you’ll receive an application form and be asked to book an application call.

Assuming your application to join is approved then we’ll arrange an onboarding call for you to take you through all the details of joining.

You’ll be given the link to set up your payments during your onboarding call.

Your initial commitment on joining the Actually JFDI Membership is for SIX MONTHS.

You will pay on a monthly basis until you cancel your membership.

To cancel your membership, all you need to do is write to talk@actually.world

You will continue to have access to the membership programme until your next payment date. Cancellation will be effective from your next payment date. For example, if you joined on 6 January and cancel on 14 September, you would continue to have access until your payment date on 6 October but your next payment would not be taken.

Once you join the Actually JFDI membership, we guarantee that your monthly fees will never increase for as long as you remain a member. If you leave and then rejoin, you will rejoin at the price applicable at that time.

Feeling very privileged to be part of such an incredible tribe of change-makers.



Q: How long am I committed to being in the JFDI membership once I join?

A: Your initial commitment is for six months. After that you can stay for as long as you like!

Q: What if I can’t make one of the monthly trainings?

A: All the monthly trainings are recorded and you’ll find them in the Actually membership site. So you can watch at your leisure!

Q: When will my accountability call be each week?

A: Once your application to join the JFDI membership has been approved, you will be asked to book an onboarding call during which we will allocate you to an accountability group. These take place on Mondays and Tuesdays. 

Q: What if I can’t make my accountability call one week? 

A: We encourage members to take accountability seriously and to take responsibility for not booking in other appointments at the same time. If you can’t make it one week, then you will skip that week and we ask you to share your update and your priorities in the Facebook group. Accountability calls are not recorded. If your circumstances change and you are never going to be able to attend the time agreed, then we will try and help you to swap into another group.


Q: Will my accountability call be with Sara (Founder, Actually)? 

A: Sara runs several of our accountability groups and, if there is space you may be allocated to one of them. If not, you will be with one of our trained coaches with extensive experience both in JFDI and in accountability.

Q: When will the creative workshop / mastermind be?

A: These take place every other month. During your onboarding call, we will allocate you to a creative workshop group and provide you with a calendar of dates. If you’re unable to attend one workshop – you can post in the group and ask if someone from another group will swap with you.  The JFDI members are a friendly and helpful bunch!

Q: What if I want to leave? 

A: We can’t think of a single reason anyone would ever want to leave but if you do then – after your first three months of membership – to cancel your membership, all you need to do is write to talk@actually.world

You will continue to have access to the membership until your next payment date. Cancellation will be effective from your next payment date. Please see Terms & Conditions above. 


Q: Will the price of the JFDI Membership always be the same?

A: Once you join the Actually JFDI membership, we guarantee that your monthly membership will never increase for as long as you remain a member. If you leave and then rejoin, you will rejoin at the price applicable at that time. 


Q: Why is there an application process? Can’t I just join?

A: The Actually JFDI membership is a wonderful, supportive community full of people who are committed to building purpose-led businesses. But it isn’t right for everyone. The clue is in the name – it’s for people who are committed to ‘doing it’, to taking action and making things happen so that they can make a difference and make a living. We are 100% committed to self-care and avoiding burn-out. And equally committed to getting things done. So, to be fair to you and to current members, we have to make sure that every new member shares our ethos and will get the very best out of their time with us. 



From growing your business and your impact?

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