Our story 


We help those who feel the call to purpose and impact to build solid foundations for success; to create businesses that grow with ease and marketing that works with joy! 


We want to change the world.

Our vision is a world in which every business is driven by purpose and we are all doing business differently.

Led by purpose. 

Driven by collaboration. 

Inspired by optimism. 

Underpinned by generosity. 

Integrated with soul. 

That’s why we are on a mission to help YOU to get your impact business off the ground; to grow it and promote it; to increase your impact and shout about your success!

Because that’s how we ACTUALLY® change the world!

Read on to find out more about who we are. 

sara price, founder

I am a rebellious optimist: a serial entrepreneur driven by my desire to help other purpose-led changemakers to make a difference, make a living AND change the world. 

After 5 years of studying politics at Exeter, the LSE and at the Institut d’Etudes Politiques in Aix-en-Provence, I began my career in the Westminster Parliament. There I learnt about the corridors of power; how deals were made in smoke-filled rooms and that the ability to communicate is THE core skill required to truly make a difference and create change.

Since then I have dedicated my entire career to helping people, organisations and brands to communicate better. Over 26 years in PR and campaigning, I have advised some of the largest companies and charities in the world from UNICEF to Avon, from Kellogg’s to Variety – and start-ups including fledgling space missions and challenger bank Starling.

I am no stranger to the impact of crisis, chaos and global uncertainty on life, a career and a business. I managed to progress my career – reaching the UK Board of one of the world’s largest PR agencies – whilst navigating through divorce, cancer, at least three recessions, bereavement and a horrific accident that left me with injuries requiring multiple surgeries. I also co-founded my first entrepreneurial business in the aftermath of the 2008 financial crash – and grew it into a profitable independent communications consultancy with revenue over 7 figures in just 12 months – in spite of a global economic meltdown! 

I now work exclusively with purpose-led entrepreneurs, business owners and coaches through Actually®. I use everything I have learnt in my career, plus my coaching and training skills, to help you to make your difference and change the world.

“Sara always brings clarity and perspective when it’s needed most. Her skill at bringing simplicity to complexity is invaluable, and she does all of this with charm and grace, making her a trusted go-to for anybody looking to lead.”

Louise Watson, IdeaScout


“There’s someone I have to introduce you to, she loves words and changing the world as much as you”.

That’s how I met Sara.

It was clear from the start we were kindred spirits; both believing that words are mightier than weapons and that business is a massively under-utilised resource in the fight for a better world.

My career has always been extremely varied. I’ve worked in Property, Hospitality, Defence, Satellites, Coaching and Telecoms. I’ve been part of commercial, operations, communications, ethics, finance, HR and IT teams.

I’m an out-and-out generalist and proud of it.

I’m also very impatient. I grew tired of a corporate culture that told me to ignore business opportunities that would benefit the bottom line and the community.

I raged at the excuses: too complex, not in our remit; numbers first.

Early in my career I realised the answer, nearly always, is great communication.

Armed with that knowledge and a dose of courage, I believe anything is possible.

That’s why I’m overjoyed to be a member of Team Actually®.

It really is time for business to change the world.



It’s been said that I am a beacon of passion and dedication, and I can always find a positive reframe, even in the darkest of places.  

I dedicated the early part of my life to community building – which is a clever way of saying I was addicted to volunteering! The idea of belonging to something greater, of rallying people together, deeply resonated with me. 

In 2016, a conversation with the daring spirit of my 19-year-old self ignited a desire to transcend daily domesticity and pursue a purposeful journey into leadership and performance coaching. My inner geek was set free, diving headfirst into the fascinating world of neuroscience and positive psychology!

I began my training as an ICF PCC Business and Leadership Coach, igniting a new mission: to stand by spirited business owners and leaders, empowering and equipping them to surpass their expectations, fortify their resilience, and ascend to the zenith of their capabilities. If you’ve spent any time in the Actually® community, you’ll now see how our missions are seamlessly entwined.

So next, I met Sara! And then our missions met! And now this fruitful collaboration brings so much joy into my life!

What sets our partnership and the awesomely collaborative Actually® team apart? The answer lies in the name of the Actually membership – we don’t just help you unearth the answers, we make sure you have everything you need to Just F****** Do It!



My 14-year career championing sustainability in the mining and aggregates industry was paused in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

This pause was a blessing – allowing me the time and freedom to adjust my focus onto what actually brings me joy.

For years in my spare time, I had been helping a wide range of small businesses to achieve things they couldn’t do alone – from websites, design, social media management, HR, operations, events – you name it, I’d been there and done it. 

This brought me joy.

I thrived as a behind-the-scenes, positive, calming influence for business owners to lean on.

So what attracted me to Actually®? Sara’s insightful, no-nonsense and interesting perspective on communications and community. 

The Facebook Group and JFDI communities oozing positivity and togetherness. 

The dynamic, joyful and collaborative team. 

The real difference Actually® makes in the lives of the community members. 

Actually® feels 100% aligned with my desire to create a positive change in the world, driven by purpose.

I’m so excited to be part of this team. 

What a dream job – to actually® make a difference. 


You’re not bad at promoting your business, you’re just trying to do it in a way that doesn’t work for you.

Find out what your MARKETING SUPERPOWERS ® are and start communicating with your audience in a way that resonates with them & feels comfortable, authentic and natural for YOU.

Phew! Doesn’t that sounds awesome?