Actually Partners 

Working together to help you to make a difference

Loving collaboration is one of our guiding principles at Actually and in that spirit we are building a community of Partners to work with us and with you.

We know that we can’t do everything. We’re great at strategy, planning, communications and PR, brilliant at training, awesome at creating supportive communities and we have a fantastic team of coaches working with and alongside us. BUT that leaves a lot of other stuff that you’re going to need and we don’t do – and we want to help you find brilliant, no BS people who can help you with all the things we can’t do. Every one of the Actually Partners is committed to working with changemakers. And every one of them is known personally to us at Actually.


Catherine Watkin

Catherine Watkin is the UK’s leading expert in heart-centred sales. After a highly successful 20+ year career in sales she now works with business owners who are gifted and passionate about what they do but struggle in business because they feel awkward about using traditional sales approaches to sell their services. She teaches them how to sell in a way that feels authentic and comfortable – and most importantly gets them great results. Catherine is an authentic and inspiring role model for how it is possible to create a successful business without resorting to sleazy or manipulative sales and marketing techniques.

Actually says: Catherine’s heart-centred approach to sales and marketing is such a wonderful contrast to so many of the ‘Make six figures in six minutes with this one great trick’ approach I see so often advertised. Catherine is no less effective for taking a much more principled approach that aligns with integrity and compassion.


Felicity Wingrove

Felicity is the Founder and Managing Director of Zen – a brilliant communications agency based in Telford. She has a diverse skill set covering sales, marketing, psycho-linguistics, PR, media training, public speaking and presentation training. But her zone of genius is in helping leaders to communicate with integrity, personality, and genuine impact.

Actually says: Felicity is a brilliant consultant, a genius communicator and an awesome trainer. If you’re about to step on stage as a leader – whether it’s for the first or the 50th time – Felicity can help you to truly shine.

Social Media Strategy & Management

Sophie Jane HARDY

Sophie Jane Hardy offers social media training, strategy and content creation for change-makers, activists, teachers and creatives who want to grow their audience, income, and impact. She specialises in values-driven campaigns which get to the heart of the matter and harness social media to create social good.

Actually says: There aren’t enough superlatives to describe how much I love the work that Sophie does. She can help you to step up and be seen and working in collaboration with her is one of the great joys of my work in Actually.

Website, Visual Branding & Design

Cat Townsend

The Good Alliance is an alliance of designers, copywriters, marketers & consultants, committed to helping ambitious changemakers turn their ideas into big world changing movements. Whether you are a coach or a consultant or a non-profit or a social enterprise – if you want to change the world, they want to help you do it! Cat’s particularly areas of expertise are around visual branding, design and creating compelling websites…like this one! 

Actually says: Cat Townsend is a genius. I worked with her on the Actually branding look and feel – and it was as though she’d read my mind! I LOVE our brand and can’t recommend Cat highly enough.


Karen Roswell

If you’ve got a big vision and want to enlist people to your cause, you can’t afford to hide away. Because people connect with people. If the imagery you are using doesn’t create that connection, then nobody is going to stick around to listen to what you have to say. Karen will help you to develop a series of images that capture who you are, what you stand for and what your vision is – so that you can share it with the world.

Actually says: Karen Roswell is not only a brilliant photographer – her work brings out the essence of her subjects. And if she can make me laugh in front of a camera then she can make ANYONE feel at ease!



Jason Kruger helps heart-centred businesses build and automate their online marketing by doing all the tech for them. He creates everything from websites, membership sites, landing pages and more as well as helping with everything “online” tech.

Actually says:Jason has been a whiz at helping me to sort out my membership site and – in particular – my ActiveCampaign database. All the things I don’t understand…Jason does and he does it with great compassion for my techno-phobia!



Helen is a style consultant and advisor with a difference. She is a stand for feeling fabulous instead of simply looking fashionable – because when you feel good, that’s when you look good. She works with entrepreneurs who dare to express who they really are – and need their wardrobes to catch up and support them in shining bright.

Actually says: I LOVE Helen’s work. She understands that how we look and feel in our clothes has a huge impact on our ability to shine, to connect and to be visible. 


Nicola Deverson

Envision Partnership helps business owners, charities and social entrepreneurs with their tax, accounting and financial planning. As a member of B1G1 we are committed to being a ‘Business for Good’ and work with like minded people.

Actually says: There is no-one else I would trust to provide professional accounting and tax services to me and to my business Actually. Nicola is a sensitive and sensible accountant and advisor for human beings!


Aaron Eriskin

Aaron helps business owners and individuals who have or are thinking about changing their careers. His focus is on helping you to handle any anxiety you have around money issues so that you have the freedom to pursue your purpose and passions, wherever they may lead.

Actually says: Aaron has helped me to take a completely different approach to my financial future that feels both reassuring and liberating!

Organisational Change / Consulting

Joanna Rawbone

As a masters level qualified and experienced Change Agent, Joanna Rawbone, MSc, is committed to shifting the extraversion bias in organisations creating truly inclusive cultures that access the untapped potential of introverts. Since her TEDx talk on the subject, Joanna is in demand to bring about this organisational change through a powerful mix of consultation, facilitation, coaching and training using her proven 3 phase Flourishing Unlimited change model.

Actually says: I adore Joanna’s work with individuals and organisations. If you are an introvert committed to changing the world or if you want your organisation to create a more inclusive and diverse workforce that recognises the gifts and talents of all staff, then speak to Jo.


One of Many

With the vision to unleash the bold, grass roots leadership of 1 million women internationally, One of Many is the fastest growing women’s leadership community in the UK and is expanding as fast as possible to reach women in dozens of countries through their online community and trainings. With over 13 years coaching and supporting women, founder Dr Joanna Martin, has spearheaded the creation of an awe-inspiring suite of holistic, yet practical tools and trainings to foster women leaders.

Actually says: I cannot praise One of Many highly enough. If you are a woman wanting to create change – in your own life, your industry or the world, then you NEED One of Many.

Presentation / Public Speaking Training

Stephanie Aitken

If you want to change the world you need to be able to communicate your vision to the people you speak to daily. Whether that be at a coffee, business meeting, funding pitch or speech – each of these can be pivotal points of change. Stephanie can help you ensure that in these crucial moments you actually speak in a way that engages, influences and motivates your audience into action. Having been a lawyer for over 10 years for companies like MTV and Channel 4; Stephanie now finds her joy as a trainer, speaker and coach working with organisations large and small across several different industries such as the law, finance, arts and media.

Actually says: Stephanie is an incredible trainer. I’ve been doing presentation and public speaking for decades and yet I have learnt a great deal from her. I thoroughly recommend her work.



Steve is the Founder of SMA Digital. With over 17 years experience in the digital marketing industry, he has been recognised as the International Quiz Marketing Specialist for trainers, coaches & consultants. SMA Digital won The Connection Hub award for Best Service for Speakers, Authors and Coaches two years running in 2018 and 2019.  Steve has helped well over 650+ coaches to create bespoke Assessment Quizzes that have brought them thousands of new, ideal clients who fully embrace their training, coaching and consulting services.

Actually says: Steve helped me to create both of the Actually quizzes. His knowledge of quiz set-up; his advice and above all – his commitment to brilliant customer service – made him a natural choice as an Actually Partner. Truly best in class! 


Kate Wolf

Kate Wolf is the creator of StorySchool, which guides business owners to find, craft and share the story that turns them into a Beacon for clients. Kate funnels her in-depth understanding of communication from work in the theatre – writing, performing, teaching and directing – to transform bland messaging into brands that beam with personality.

Actually says: Kate is a natural storyteller with a wonderful ability to draw out the stories of others and to help them shine on the stage and page. Her magical gifts with story made her a natural partner for Actually.


Laura Coleman

Laura is the Founder of Be.Modern Meditation. Her focus is on empowering you to use meditation to transform your life – no matter what that life throws at you. She makes meditation (and all its amazing benefits) attainable, accessible and rewarding. Based in and around Hampshire and London (UK) as well as online (so you can learn wherever you are), she provides meditation workshops and talks, in depth coaching and bespoke events.

Actually says: Laura has a refreshing, simple and accessible approach to meditation that makes it not only enjoyable but easy to fit into your life. She’s a brilliant advocate for the benefits of meditation.


Nicki Williams

Happy Hormones for Life helps you to optimise your performance at work, home and play! A team of qualified Nutritionists specialising in hormones and gut health, they use state of the art health tests to identify underlying imbalances that could be affecting your health. They work with you to create personalised targeted programmes that quickly and effectively address health imbalances. Typical results include improved energy, mood, weight, sleep, digestion, immune function, skin, hair, libido, bone health and more. When your health is optimal you are better equipped to change the world!

Actually says: I can honestly say that if it wasn’t for Nicki Williams, Actually would not exist. After a long period of really struggling with my energy and concentration – she was able to pinpoint exactly what was wrong and help me to put it right so that I had the energy to get on with my life and my work.

Leadership Skills / Team Building


A highly sought after and successful Transformational Leadership Coach, Presentation Skills Trainer, Speaker, Author and Mentor, Cath has over 35 years’ experience in Senior Leadership and Leadership Development. From creating winning presentations with bid teams to developing highly performing individual leaders and teams across a wide range of sectors, she has a proven track record of providing inspirational Leadership Coaching and Training. Her innovative approach enables individuals and teams to become confident, compelling and persuasive communicators and leaders who inspire others to take action. If you are looking to develop your leadership ability, enhance or develop your team, Cath can help.

Actually says: Cath’s has the gravitas, the insight and the experience to work with any leader or team in any sector. If you are prepared to be challenged, to be stretched and to really grow, then Cath will deliver for you. 

Coaches / mentors / guides

Stephanie Aitken

As well as providing skills training (see above) Stephanie Aitken is a women’s leadership coach. Birthing big bold ideas into the world also requires you to master the inner game of confidence and self-belief. After all, you’re now a leader. But you may not feel like one. And you might be running yourself into the ground as you try to “fake it”. Stephanie coaches women to help you step into the version of you that your vision requires. In a way that is authentic, empowered and sustainable.

Actually says: Ten minutes coaching with Stephanie is like a shot in the arm of confidence, insight and support. If your fear, self-doubt or poor self-esteem are holding you back – call her.

Sharon Strickland-Clark

If you want help finding your brave, if you’ve forgotten what she looks like or if you think your brave needs fine tuning for the new job it has to do today – the contact Sharon. She’s a coach working with women to step into their courage and leadership potential.

Actually says: Sharon is an amazing coach and I thoroughly recommend her. She is also an absolutely unflappable event organiser so if you’re looking for event management and advice, get in touch with Sharon and tell her Sara sent you. She doesn’t advertise that she does events – but she does. And she is brilliant!

Harriet Waley-Cohen

Harriet’s vision is for a world where it doesn’t occur to women that they or their bodies aren’t good enough, where they know, accept and celebrate their true value. As a sought after speaker and women’s leadership coach, Harriet’s clients and audiences show hugely positive changes in how they think, feel and act in their relationship with themselves and their potential. They learn how to ditch disempowering behaviours, feelings of low self-belief and general overwhelm to become confident, healthy, and successful. Harriet is the creator of the fast growing and feisty brand Self-Love & Sass, to be found on instagram at @selflove_and_sass

Actually says: Harriet is an exceptional coach working with women. If you suffer from self-esteem issues; struggle to accept and love yourself or have a constant ‘I’m not good enough’ voice in your head, speak to Harriet. It’s hard to change the world if you don’t believe in yourself.

Portrait of Maria Baeck


Creator of the SOULFULLY YOU® card deck, Maria refers to herself as a guide, mentor, and facilitator. A powerful blend of ‘grounded and logical’ and ‘soulful and intuitive’, Maria has spent a big chunk of her career in business operations in the corporate world but in 2009 she changed direction as she committed to following inner guidance in all her decision-making. A practice that quickly became an integral part of how she operates in business and life in general. Maria helps you to discover and develop what it means to be SOULFULLY YOU® in business, leadership, and life.

Actually says: Maria is one of my ‘go to’ people when I need a catalyst to help me tap into my intuition, my inner knowing and my instinctive creativity. Her gifts are legion – and hard to explain – but I spend 1 hour with Maria and I can feel the shift in my physical and mental energy! 

“Sara was the first person to teach me about communications strategy – what it is, why it’s important and how it underpins a communications campaign to ensure you get the right results.”

Sam Windett, Director of Policy, Impetus-PEF


You’re not bad at promoting your business, you’re just trying to do it in a way that doesn’t work for you.

Find out what your MARKETING SUPERPOWERS ® are and start communicating with your audience in a way that resonates with them & feels comfortable, authentic and natural for YOU.

Phew! Doesn’t that sounds awesome?