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Helping you to Actually make a difference

Our training draws on decades of business, communications and planning experience to give you the skills you need to ACTUALLY make a difference. 

WE CAN HELP YOU make a difference

Whethere you’re just starting out as a purpose-led entrepreneur or you’re midway through delivering a big campaign, leading the change and aiming to make a real difference can all seem a little bit daunting.

We believe in clarity and simplicity. So, we don’t use jargon. We won’t use a million complex words when five simple ones will do.

We believe that YOU are the best advocate for your cause. So, we will help you to develop the skills you need to plan your work and communicate effectively to make a difference.

We’ve developed a simple seven step process for developing communications and campaign plans with impact and we will take you through this process step by step.

And because we believe that mindset and support are just as important as skills, we offer coaching and mentoring through our Mastermind programme to ensure that you are on track to have an impact.






You need a clear sense of strategy in order to develop communications that will have impact.



To make a difference you need to make people aware, care and act and that requires great communications. 



To bring your communications to life, you need creative and well thought through content.



Trying to make a difference without a plan is like visiting a new country without a map, you’ll get lost!



We are living through extraordinary times and my belief is that the path through this crisis is to double-down on being of service to others. 

With that in mind, I am putting together a series of FREE Masterclasses  to help you to thrive during this time of chaos. These Masterclasses cover: business strategy; business finances; leadership skills; social media; publicity & PR and so much more. 

To make sure you are in the loop and get notifcation of each masterclass, please join the Actually Community by signing up to our mailing list

*Masterclasses will be recorded and made available to those who have registered for that class


Our flagship group programme is delivered online LIVE by ACTUALLY Founder, Sara Price, twice a year. 

During this training programme, Sara guides you through the ACTUALLY process to create a clear strategy: the starting point for all compelling communications. In addition, she provides guidance, advice and ‘top tips’ on how to develop your communications activity and content to have maximum impact in social and traditional media.

From getting clear about your PURPOSE & PRIORITIES to understanding how to create a meaningful PROGRAMME, if you want to make a difference, this course will be invaluable to you.

This programme is delivered via a series LIVE webinars, and no more than 20 people are accepted into each live cohort so that you get plenty of 121 time and attention. You will also have access to a private online forum where you can ask questions, share you work and receive direct feedback and input from Sara. Each webinar is accompanied by a worksheet and additional online resources.

To enquire about a place in our next cohort, starting in May 2020, please email the office.

Email: talk@actually.world

*Webinars will be recorded and made available to participants for review


The Actually Planning Cycles is a series of quarterly workshops – to help you plan your operations, communications and content. 

These small, in person workshops are all about ensuring that you are on track to create the impact and make the difference you want to make whilst also taking care of YOU.  

Each workshop is designed for you to take a guided, structured and focussed look at your progress to date and to create a practical plan for the coming quarter. At the end of the day you will leave knowing exactly what you’re doing and when – across your business and your communications.  

You can sign up for 1, 3 or all five workshops and because we only accept 5 people into each group, you know you’re going to get lots of individual attention.

Sign up for more than 1 workshop and get access to two FREE webinars: The Actually Guide to Business Planning & The Actually Guide to Content Planning

For more information or to sign up for one or more of our planning workshops, please click below.  

The Actually


Our invitation only Mastermind programme is for you if you want tailored, 121 support, mentoring and accountability from Founder, Sara Price.

The Actually VIP Mastermind is an exclusive, bespoke experience for purpose-led entrepreneurs who want to make a difference. As a member of this small group (there are no more than 5 people in the Mastermind group) you will enjoy the benefit of:

– a quarterly 121 strategy and planning session (4 hours) with Sara;

– a monthly group Mastermind (online) with other members of the group and ad hoc experts;

– a monthly ‘get it done’ co-working day during which Sara will be on hand to provide coaching and advice;

– and a fortnightly group accountability call to make sure you’re always on track;

If you’d like to be considered for membership of the VIP Mastermind, please email the office with a link to your LinkedIn profile. 

Email: talk@actually.world


In addition to the training outlined above, we are constantly creating new webinars, workshops and one-off training programmes covering a wide range of the different skills you need to make a difference.

If you want to be in the loop and get advance noticce of our webinar programme, then join our community and you’ll receive our fortnightly newsletter with all the details PLUS special offers on all of our training.

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Strategic advice, bespoke training and 1-2-1 consultancy for individuals, businesses and organisations who want to make a difference.


We believe in the power of collaboration so we are also building a community of changemakers who want to make a difference.


Morag Young, Founder of Somerton Unltd


You're NOT bad at promoting yourself or marketing your business. You absolutely can spread the word about your work and attract the right clients towards you. You just need to do it in a way that feels authentic, comfortable and natural for YOU.

Take the Actually Great Communications Tribes quiz, uncover your communications superpowers and stop trying to force your fabulous round peg self into a nasty square hole that was never designed for you!

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