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Our flagship training programme covering everything you need to spread the word, attract the RIGHT clients and grow your business.


You are a purpose-led entrepreneur, coach or consultant who wants to ACTUALLY make a difference…

You keep trying to speak up and spread the word but nobody seems to be listening…

You want to attract the RIGHT clients but it’s all a bit ‘hit and miss’.

You can’t understand why other entrepreneurs and changemakers are getting all the media coverage and attention when you are just as committed and inspiring as them…

You’re working really hard on your content but not getting any kind of engagement or reach…

You want to reach more people with your communications so that you can grow your business and make a bigger difference but don’t know where to start…

This programme was designed especially for you!

“For anyone thinking about doing this, don’t hesitate, go for it …you will not be disappointed…a truly awesome programme that will deliver many many insights!”

Morag Young, Somerton Unltd


The How to Actually Spread the Word programme has been carefully designed to blend strategy and tactics. By the end of the course, you will:


Know how to grow your business and stop wasting time on communications that will not work – with a clear strategy guide all of your decisions…


Be able to articulate your purpose or vision in a way that inspires others and attracts your ideal customers…


Know how to generate media coverage that will allow you to reach thousands if not millions of people…


Have the skills to craft perfect stories that journalists will want to write about…


Understand what makes sparkling online content that engages and delights your audience…

And much, much more. In short, you’ll have the skills you need to grow your business and your impact!


This programme is based on decades of experience in communications, campaigning and PR. It was developed and tested over 12 months and is consistently updated to ensure that this is the BEST communications & publicity training for purpose-led entrepreneurs and changemakers on the market today. 

This 12 week course is delivered LIVE. The content is created, adapted and refined for each group to make sure that you are getting exactly what YOU need. 

No other programme on the market right now offers the same level of LIVE personal input, expert insight and detailed, tailored advice to help you to get ready to speak up and spread the word!

By the end of the programme, you’ll have all the information, skills and tools you need to use communications and publicity to drive awareness, inspire followers, create raving fans and grow your business so that you can ACTUALLY make a difference.


Getting clear about your purpose

Clarify your purpose: your vision and mission and learn how to explain these in a way that inspires others to support and follow you.

Deciding your priorities & principles

Learn about your business or organisation’s life-cycle, what you need to focus on right now and decide on your priorities and the principles that will guide all of your decision-making.

Understanding your people

Identify your ideal customers and take a deep dive into their world so you know how to reach and motivate them to get on board with your business or campaign

Crafting your Pathway

We’ll teach you how to craft the perfect strategy based on a deep understanding of your market place, your competitors and yourself.

Perfect Stories for Press

All journalists are interested in good stories, so we’ll explore what makes a good story and teach you how to find and work with the right journalists. 

Pitching to the media

This is the bit most people are scared of and we share the insider’s guide to pitching to the media so you don’t have to be afraid!

Crafting perfect content

Understanding the algorithm and crafting sparkling content to inspire and engage.

Developing your perfect plan

We’ll take you through our simple planning process so that your business and communications are all in perfect sync!

Please note: we adjust the content to suit the needs of the group so this outline is indicative only. But whatever we cover, our commitment is the same: by the end of the twelve weeks you’ll have what you need to step up, speak up and spread the word!


My name is Sara Price. I am a business leader, an entrepreneur, a coach, a mentor and a trainer.

I have spent over 25 years in communications, campaigning and PR – helping some of the biggest brands in the world from Kellogg’s to Avon. I’ve advised charities and campaigning groups as diverse as SheDecides and UNICEF. And once upon a time my team and I also raised $1 million for a start-up space mission in just 25 days with a budget of $0!

And after two and half decades in communications, here’s what I know for sure: the power of words can be yours. There’s no mystery or magic to it. Great communications, great PR, great content creation – these things are just skills and they can be learnt.

I would like to teach you.

Why? Because I believe in the power of purpose. I believe in hope and optimism. I believe that words are the most powerful weapons we have in our armoury and we can use them to make a difference.

I believe that each of you, stepping up, speaking up and growing your businesses and your impact: that’s what will create the change we need to see in the world.

And helping to make that to happen is my purpose in the world.

So let me help you to communicate your vision to the world. Let me help you to use the power of words to grow your business. Let me help you to have a bigger impact. And let’s fulfil our purposes together.

Let’s ACTUALLY make a difference & change the world!

“This has exceeded my expectations. The level of input from you…is incredible. That’s the secret sauce for me as it will keep me feeling accountable.”

Laura Coleman, Be.Modern Meditation



LIVE weekly training delivered by our Founder, Sara, via Zoom.

LIVE weekly Q&A with Sara.

Two half day ‘implementation’ sessions during the course to help you get the work done / stay on track

A full day planning workshop to get your content and communications sorted!

Daily access to detailed 121 feedback and input via the Actually Training Facebook group.

A half day follow up session – 3-6 weeks after the course ends to answer any outstanding questions; review work and feedback on assignments.

Lifetime access to all recorded webinars, worksheets and other resources via the Actually membership site.


£2,500 +VAT*

*Early bird discounts and instalment plans available once booking opens.



We start the next cohort of How to Actually Spread the Word on Tuesday September 28th

This 12 week LIVE programme is delivered online by Actually Founder, Sara Price.

No more than 20 people (plus alumni) are accepted into each live cohort so that you get plenty of 121 time and attention. 

Content adapted and updated to meet your specific needs.

You’ll also have plenty of opportunities to ask questions, share work and receive direct feedback.












The standard price for How to Actually Spread the Word is £2,500 + VAT

We are developing a programme of bonuses for the next cohort but to give you a sense of what might be included, these are the bonuses we offered to the Autumn 2020 Cohort:

– A BONUS ‘Find Your Brand Voice’ Workshop with Kate Wolf

– A BONUS ‘Brand Photography’ Masterclass with Karen Roswell

– A BONUS Mastermind with Actually Founder Sara Price (for pay in full clients)

– A BONUS Masterclass in launching (early bird bonus)

– A BONUS Money Mindset Masterclass with award-winning financial planner and coach, Catherine Morgan


£2,500 +VAT*

*Early bird discounts and instalment plans available once booking opens.

“This is literal gold dust, the whole course fee and time was worth it for this section alone. THANK YOU!”

Harriet Waley -Cohen, @selflove_and_sass


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