Make this your year of inspired action with the Actually Inspired Action series: a weekly email with tips, ideas, insights and suggestions to grow your business and improve your marketing.

Just £52 +VAT for a YEAR of inspiration and action!


You want to get your business up, running and growing.

You want to ensure that your marketing is effective.

You’re tired of making excuses; tired of procrastination; tired of making plans and failing to implement them.

You’re READY to get on with it.

You’re ready to take inspired action.

And I want to help you.

The Inspired Action series is the perfect way to start doing; to maintain momentum and to ensure that you are driving your business and your marketing forwards.

Just starting out? Inspired action is for you.

Been at this a while? Inspired action works for you too.


This series is designed to inspire you to take impactful action: small steps each week that add up to a BIG difference over time.

Every week for 52 weeks, I will send you an easy, actionable task to complete that will help to improve your business and marketing performance.

Every week for 12 months, I will share with you prompts, insights and expertise that are designed to unlock your business growth and boost your marketing.

Every week for a year, I will show up in your inbox and help you to take inspired action and take control of your business success. 

All for the equivalent of £1 (+VAT) a week – that’s less than the price of a coffee!

Ready to get stuck in?  


Imagine the confidence you’ll gain by taking inspired action every week to grow your business and improve your marketing!


Over the 52 weeks of the Actually Inspired Action series you will receive a weekly email with prompts for action covering: 


Social media – your profiles and content creation


Email marketing – growing & nurturing your list  


Getting more visible – securing guest speaker, expert trainer or podcast guest slots


Improving your website – better content, better SEO and better tracking 


Money matters – from cashflow to pricing 


And so much more

And because we also value reflection and encourage you to BE as well as DO, some weeks we offer prompts for reflection or consideration. But all with the aim of informing your next inspired action…

Imagine having Team Actually in your inbox offering advice, encouragement and accountability every week to that you can get into action and maintain your momentum.


This series is for action-takers…for those who know that reflection, introspection and conversation are important but that results come from taking inspired action.

This series has been put together for the business newbies and the more established business owners with tried and tested advice and suggestions. 

This series has been designed to be easily actionable by everyone irrespective of tech knowledge or budget. And we provide enough information for you to actually do what we recommend!

This series is not a magic wand. It’s not a ‘seven steps to six figures’ promise. It’s not BS. It’s simple. Get the emails. Do the work. Get the results. Ready? Let’s go…

Tips & accountability rolled into one…great!



Is the Inspired Action series suitable for me?

The Inspired Action series has been designed to work for almost everyone – from business newbies to those who have been doing this for years! Everyone can benefit from taking Inspired Action. 

How long will it take to complete the weekly Inspired Action?

That depends and each week is different. Some actions can be completed relatively quickly. Some week’s we recommend reflection or review – which can be quick or take longer depending on your appetite for introspection. Some weeks the action we recommend may take a few hours – perhaps spread out over a few days. That’s why we’ve made this a weekly rather than a daily series – so that no matter how long the action takes, there’s time to get it done before the next email arrives. 

Is there a payment plan?

The cost of Inspired Action is £52+VAT. At present, we do not offer a payment plan. 

Is it possible to pause the series if I am unwell or go on holiday?

There is no way to do this automatically, but we may be able to help by pausing the series manually if you let us know when and how long for. No promises but to discuss this, please email talk@actually.world

Can I cancel series once started?

No. Inspired Action is a year-long series of weekly emails and we have made the price of the series as accessible as possible. However, in order to be able to do that, we need to minimise admin and costs associated with the programme which makes cancellation and refunds impossible.   

Do I get the Inspired Action series automatically as a JFDI member?

Yes! The Inspired Action sequence is a perk of JFDI membership at all levels and you will continue to receive the sequence for as long as you remain in membership of JFDI. 

What if I change my email address or don't receive the emails?

If you change your email address please contact the office. If you experience any difficulty receiving the emails, please check your spam folders – and if you locate the emails there, please ensure that you whitelist our email address and move the email to your inbox. If you are still unable to find the emails, please contact the office. 

Office email: talk@actually.world