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grow your business & your impact

Get clear on what’s holding you back and where you need to focus your efforts.

You’re a purpose-led entrepreneur.

You want to grow your business not only so that you can pay the bills and go on nice holidays but so that you can make a difference in the world.

Your purpose is what drives you.

And you want to do more, grow faster, attract more clients and make a bigger difference and a bigger impact.

At Actually, we believe that you need three things to grow an impactful business:

1. Purpose-led communications

2. Purpose-driven mindset

3. Purpose-full support.

If you want to grow your business & your impact, you need CLARITY about what is most holding you back so that you can FOCUS your efforts on what is going to make the biggest difference.

So, how do you know whether to focus on communications, mindset or support?


Start with the one that is ACTUALLY having the biggest impact; the one that is truly holding you back and stopping you from stepping up, growing your business and making your difference.

And if you’re not sure what that is: well that’s what this quiz is designed to help with!




how do you grow your business & your impact? 

You need to get CLARITY about which of these three things is most holding you back from growing your business & your impact:

– do you have the right communication skills?

– do you have the right mindset?

– are you getting the right support?

To get that clarity and find out where you should be focussing your efforts, take the ACTUALLY quiz…



Get clear on how ready you are to grow your business and your impact. It only takes few minutes, and is 100% free! 



Get complete clarity about where you should be focussing your energy. Your ‘learning edge’ is the thing that is most likely to be holding you back. This quiz will help you identify whether that is mindset, communications or support.



Once you’ve finished, we will email you with your results and some clear recommendations on your next steps. And we’ll welcome you into the ACTUALLY community – a place where you can find support, ideas and inspiration for your journey.

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For each statement please select the response that most closely resembles your thoughts.
Don’t overthink it.
And if there isn’t an answer that’s a 100% match – just go with whichever is closest.
Perfect is the enemy of done and we want you to get this done so that you can get on with growing your purpose-led business!

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