Here we go with round two of my best recommendations and referrals…a miscellany of brilliance. If you missed Part 1 – you can find it here.


1. Best Branding / Website Design

If you can afford a professional branding and website company, the only one we recommend is The Good Alliance. They did our branding and our website and we LOVE both.

If your budget is smaller, we do a pretty good job of this here at Actually. Feel free to reach out and ask but bear in mind that we give priority to members of JFDI.

2. Best Tech Support

For day-to-day tech support particularly when it comes to online marketing requirements, Jason Kruger is your man. I can honestly say that we would not be where we are now as a business if it weren’t for Jason.

3. Best Social Media Platform

Ahhhh…one of the most common questions I am asked: which social media platform should I be using to promote my work and build my community. And the answer is that it depends. Here are the criteria you should use to choose:

Where is your ideal client when they are thinking about the area you can help them with or looking for advice on the subject that you cover?

Which social media platform do you like best, most enjoy being on and understand most?

And then pick ONE. Master that platform – you’ll know you’ve mastered it when your posts are getting consistently good engagement – and then work on the next.

Oh and by the way….if you’re on Threads (aka the latest salvo in the Zuckerberg v Musk grudge match), why not come and follow me there? You’ll find me at:


4. Best Copywriter

I will try not to be offended that you haven’t asked me. I mean…words are kind of my thing. But to be fair, I have very limited capacity for copywriting / editing these days and I prioritise JFDI members for that work.

There’s only one other person I recommend and that’s Morag Young. Morag is an Actually Partner and she’s also coming on board as an Actually Trainer – but in the time that she has available in between her many Actually duties, she is also a sh*t hot copywriter and so much more. She will help you to find your brand voice and articulate your offer and your story in a way that few can match.

5. Best Brand Photography

There are so many brilliant photographers out there and very few of them take photos anywhere near as good as Hannah’s! But since you can’t have her, Mi Elfverson would be my recommendation. She did some absolutely wonderful photos for my client and friend Susanna Petche – Founder of Trauma-Sense.  I know how nervous and uncomfortable Susanna felt about having her photo taken and yet the results are brilliant, relaxed and absolutely true to who she is.

6. Best Quiz Creators

You’ve decided that you want to create a quiz as a lead magnet for your business. Great idea. I have two! But who do you get to do all the t4ech stuff necessary to make your quiz work? Who can advise you on how to structure it? What to include? How to promote it?

Look no further than Steve Auchettl at SMA Digital. I’ve had three quizzes over the last four years and Steve has done all of them for us. He’s brilliant – and a really nice guy too which is a massive bonus!


7. Best Miscellaneous

I am sure there are a hundred other referrals and recommendations I could make but here’s a little miscellany of just a few that I think you might find useful.

If you’re an introvert looking to flourish, speak to Joanna Rawbone. She is amazing and has taught me more about introversion – the different types and how to work with introverts, than I ever thought possible.

If you’re a coach and you want to be able to take a more trauma-informed approach to your work with clients – look no further than Susanna Petche’s Trauma-Sense programme. Susanna’s experience as a GP, PTSD specialist and teacher is second to none.

If you’re looking for a fast, powerful and effective way to release the energetic blocks that are holding you back personally and professionally, speak to the coaching elder that is Dr Jane Lewis about her Sorceress’s Secret sessions. Also the only person I recommend if you want to take your coaching to the next level – look out for her Coaching Mastery programme coming soon.

If you are in need of support around peri-menopause or menopause, contact Katharine Gale at FluxState. This woman is a powerhouse in the world of Women’s Health with decades of experience as a specialist nurse. She has a menopause clinic offering 121 support for women seeking help.

Struggling to meditate but know that it will help you to get grounded and centred (it will!) – then you need Laura Coleman at Be.Modern Meditation. Laura is a meditation ninja and can help even the busiest and most resistant people to find the time and a style of meditation that works for them.

If you’re worried about your style, don’t feel confident in your clothes and hate having your photo taken – the woman you need is Helen Reynolds. She will help you to work out what colours work for you; what your personal style is and – if you want her to – take you shopping to build the best possible wardrobe! I adore Helen’s work and she has lots of wonderful, useful information on her website so do check it out.


I think that will do for now – I do hope it has been helpful!

Big love




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